by MJ Nelson

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MJ Nelson: Vocal, Melodica, Pipes, Drums, Jaw Harp, Auto Harp, Harmonica and pipes

Tony DePaolo: Guitar

Dragon Aleksic: Acoustic Guitar

Jelani Jones: Vocal, Guitar

Rock Deadrick, Oreo Divaz: Backup Vocals

Chris Maresh: Bass

John Fullwood: Violin

The Mermaids: Backup Vocals  Albert Lee: Guitar

Guthrie Trapp: Guitar

Tom Knuznkowski: Banjo

Glover Gill: Accordian

Dave Pomeroy: Bass

Paul McIntire: Fiddle

Jason Everly: Backup Vocal

Jimmy Cox: Piano

David Warrick Jones: Organ

John Platania: Guitar

Lisa Blod: Backup Vocal


1    Unshot Footage

2    The Band That Played On

3    Blue Moonshine

4    Still Waters

5    Penny For Your Thoughts

6    The Watch Man

7    Heaven Bound

   Keep The Faith

9    The Watch Man Refrain

10  Wealth Won't Save

11  Yodel On

12  Take It To The Bank

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